4ward Energy Research GmbH

Research facility for energy technologies and energy economics

Technology and business model development, the development of concepts and studies, the implementation of simulations as well as qualification activities and know-how transfer - 4ward Energy Research GmbH offers a wide range of services in the fields of energy technologies and energy management.

Comprehensive knowledge of research funding programs at federal and EU level, many years of experience in project management and project coordination as well as in dissemination and communication in projects are the basis for 4ward Energy Research GmbH to be the ideal partner for research projects.


Research Areas

Rethinking energy systems: We develop innovative approaches for flexible and hybrid energy systems and carry out analyzes, modeling, simulations and the optimization of energy systems.

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For the shared use of energy as close as possible to the place of generation, innovative technologies and business models for electricity or heat are required. We deal with the relevant technical, economic and legal aspects.

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Technologies and energy systems are constantly evolving. The consequences of climate change also require adjustments. We support companies and municipalities in preparing for the challenges of the future.

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We are working on the (further) development of innovative technologies so that the generation, distribution and use of energy will continue to function smoothly in the future.

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Together with partners from business and science, we generate know-how in projects that we apply in the context of new projects and thus contribute to the creation of innovations.

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Analysis of energy systems & concept development

Analysis and evaluation of energy systems as a basis for further development activities as well as the development of concepts.

Development activities


Elaboration of control strategies, algorithms, etc. in the context of the development and optimization of energy services and technologies.

Business model development


Development and evaluation of economic models for energy services, energy technologies and energy systems.

Modeling & Simulation


Development of mathematical models for mapping energy systems as well as implementation and evaluation of simulations.

Knowledge transfer


Transfer of know-how and dissemination of results and knowledge in the research and business sector.

Comprehensive knowledge of the national and international funding landscapes enables the identification of suitable research programs for every project idea. The employees of 4ward Energy Research GmbH support and lead the project development processes, which are carried out together with project partners. The network of 4ward Energy Research GmbH helps to put together the best possible consortia for the successful implementation of projects.

4ward Energy Research GmbH has extensive experience in the management and coordination of as well as in dissemination and communication in national and international research projects. Various management activities can be carried out as part of project implementation.


The 1st newsletter of the international research project WHY deals primarily with causal modelling of energy systems for the analysis of human decision-making with regard to energy consumption in the living area.

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Would your organization like to take part in an exchange with one of our ALPGRIDS experts for microgrid solutions and thus support the development of local energy communities in your region?

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The Hybrid DH Demo project provides business models for an “energy hub” for a breath of fresh air in Neusiedl am See. It is funded as part of the Smart Cities Demo research program and is an associated project of the Green Energy Lab.




The 4wardEnergy team introduces itself.



Research is fast moving and requires a high degree of flexibility. The administrative structure of large companies with several decision-making levels often prevents interesting research projects from coming about quickly.

This knowledge was the reason for Alois Kraußler, Martin Schloffer and Manfred Tragner to found 4ward Energy Research GmbH at the beginning of 2010, which, as a research institution with a flat hierarchy and short decision-making paths, enables the efficient development and implementation of research projects in the field of energy technologies and the energy industry.

Rapid success soon led to the hiring of the first employees and in addition to the company headquarters in Vienna, branches were set up in Graz and Vorau. When Manfred Tragner left the company in 2017, the company's headquarters were relocated to Graz.

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