Project description

The municipality of Güssing is strongly affected by summery overheating, which will continue to increase in the next years according to the forecasts. Subsequent cooling measures that are not based on conventional retrofit air conditioning units are difficult to implement in existing buildings.

On the one hand new technologies are required for innovative and climate friendly cooling systems  and on the other hand cold insulation, the facade design, the microclimate around the building, the user behavior, intelligent control strategies and the overarching energy system have to be considered.

Within the project Cool-Down-Güssing innovative and energy-efficient cooling systems will be implemented in commercial enterprises as well as public and residential building. Moreover, corresponding business and operation models will be developed.

Such cooling systems enable energy flexibility and reduce peak load problems. The share of renewable energy sources can be increased, and the quality of the urban life can be improved.


Project partner

  • Güssing Energy Technologies GmbH
  • Forschung Burgenland GmbH (Sozialdepartment)
  • O.K. Energie Haus GmbH
  • Reiterer & Scherling GmbH
  • Joke-Systems GmbH