Project description

In the EEGfürEVU project, the applicability of renewable energy communities in a rural environment with the involvement of different renewables (hydropower, PV, biomass) is assessed and, based on this, a range of services from the energy supply company Florian Lugitsch KG, which cannot directly participate in energy communities, is developed.

In this regard, the following questions, among others, are dealt with:

  • Which framework conditions are relevant for the creation of energy communities in rural areas?
  • What are the requirements of the potential members of renewable energy communities?
  • Which incentives can contribute to the realization of energy communities?
  • How do energy communities have to be composed in order to ensure profitability for all actors?
  • What are the requirements for grid operators / energy suppliers?
  • What problems can be expected in the development of energy communities?
  • What services can a utility company provide to support the development and operation of energy communities?
  • Under what conditions can such services be offered?

The following project results are expected:

  • A range of services from Florian Lugitsch KG to support renewable energy communities.
  • An implementation plan for at least one renewable energy community in the grid area of Florian Lugitsch KG with the involvement of different renewable electricity producers.
  • A guideline regarding the framework conditions, requirements and barriers with regard to renewable energy communities in rural areas.


Project partner

  • Florian Lugitsch KG