Project description

In the Hybrid-FLEX project, the combination of the enerboxx wall storage system with the SEMS energy management system to form the Hybrid-FLEX system was examined. The starting point was the assumption that this system leads to a reduction in heat losses and offers the potential to make load behavior more flexible.

These assumptions were checked with a simulation model for four different use cases. It could be shown that the use of decentralized enerboxx wall storage tanks, which are charged at two times per day, has a significant positive influence on the pipeline and overall losses even without the additional flexibility through SEMS.

In addition, it could be shown that the flexibilization of the charging times with SEMS does not result in any significant additional reduction in losses, but does lead to an economic advantage.

In addition, the technical feasibility of the hybrid FLEX system was checked. For this purpose, the communication between the enerboxx system and SEMS and the feasibility of the control strategy developed in MATLAB on SEMS were tested in a laboratory test. Positive test results show that a technical implementation of the hybrid FLEX system is possible.


Project partner

  • Pink GmbH
  • LEVION Technologies GmbH