Project description

In “EQ-Net: Storage”, the participating companies were given comprehensive support in upgrading their research and innovation staff in the field of electricity, heat and cold storage. Furthermore, a contribution was made to anchoring company-relevant research focuses at the research institutions.

In the didactic concept of "EQ-Net: Storage" the innovation and creativity potential of the companies and scientific partners was used and the interdisciplinary nature of the participants deepened the existing expert knowledge. The trainees did not take on the role of typical training participants, but were an integral part of the qualification measures.

The qualification measures were held for two semesters of 4 months each. Forms of teaching deviating from traditional frontal teaching were used, such as communicatively designed lectures, workshops and round tables. Two transfer workshops rounded off the concept.

Project Partner

Fachhochschulstudiengänge Burgenland Ges.m.b.H./ Studienzentrum Pinkafeld

Impulszentrum Vorau GmbH

  • TBH Ingenieur GmbH
  • Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH
  • Pink GmbH
  • Spitzer GmbH
  • EOS Power Systems
  • Neovoltaic AG
  • Energie Kompass GmbH
  • Ökoplan Energiedienstleistungen GmbH
  • KARNER Haustechnik GmbH