Project description

A large number of volatile producers are challenging for the electricity system. In this respect, sustainable storage technologies for coping with peak load requirements are an important aspect. Mechanical storage, in particular compressed air storage, represent a possibility to store electrical energy decentrally.

The HD-Store project dealt with the design of a decentralized, mechanical electricity storage system based on a pressurized gas storage system with a hydraulic compressor. Individual components and their combination to form a hydraulic compressed gas storage system (HDS) were analyzed. The possible uses of the HDS system were examined using a simulation model.

Since the costs are an essential evaluation criterion, the technological feasibility on the basis of cost-effective series components was an important aspect for the system approach. It could be shown that a composition of an HDS system from series components is basically possible. Many components are technologically mature and available on the market in an economically sensible price range, but some are not. UPS systems could be identified as a promising area of application for the developed HDS system.

The result of this project includes recommendations for the further development of HDS systems.