Project description

The aim of Hybrid Grids DEMO was to convert the urban energy system in Hartberg into a functional energy storage system. An innovative, comprehensive and integrated "energy sponge system" for electricity, heating and cooling as well as their networks was developed and tested.

The focus was on a new technical approach with a central optimizer that is implemented parallel to the existing control. This ensures that energy flows are optimized in real time across networks and energy carriers. The optimizer provides the decentralized actors (producers and consumers) with recommendations and obtains information from them. There is no active, but passive intervention in the sensitive network control. The decentralized actors receive economic incentive signals and can decide manually or automatically whether the recommendations are to be accepted.

Business models were developed for all decentralized units in order to make the optimized operation economical. User acceptance was continuously taken into account, especially for customer-oriented solutions. The ecological effects of the measures were also quantified.

A basis could be created to provide and manage the future increasing need for flexibility in the energy system. The aim is to connect additional customers to the central optimizer using the business and tariff models developed.