Project description

Most industrial cities suffer from the planning errors of the past, this also applies to Tulln. In classic urban development, the levels of detail and sectors (e.g. energy standards, mobility, construction, infrastructure, industry, etc.) were only considered separately. There was no interaction, synergies remained unused.

A future “smart industrial city” must have an integral network of all disciplines, actors, technologies and urban development methods.

Only in the interaction of all components - energy system, mobility, open space planning, social aspect, etc. - can Tulln develop into a smart (industrial) city of the 21st century.

The result of the IndustryHUB Tulln project is a technical feasibility study that shows the possibilities for the city of Tulln to develop into a multifunctional and integrative energy and mobility cell. This investigation includes, on the one hand, an energetic potential analysis, in which different possibilities for the construction of renewable energy sources were compared with one another. On the other hand, the city's mobility behavior was also analyzed. Finally, the merger of various companies into a smart grid using direct lines was examined.

The study also serves as the basis for subsequent implementation projects in the city of Tulln.


Project partner

  • Munivcipality Tulln
  • TullnEnergie
  • im-plan-tat Raumplanungs GmbH & Co KG
  • Fachhochschule St.Pölten Forschungs GmbH
  • SSP Energieeinsparung-Erneuerbare Energie BeratungsgesmbH
  • Verein fahrvergnü