Project description

„Innovation meets economic region Hartberg” is a continuation of the IWB / EFRE development project "Hartberg Economic Region which show that the economic region needs a "spearhead" for innovation, environmental companies and start-ups. The new project aims to create ideal framework conditions for an innovation and start-up scene for growing companies and start-ups. The focus is on the innovation-driven sectors of environment and energy.

The project goals are:

  • An offer of value-added services for the target groups is developed and piloted by experienced experts.
  • Inter-municipal award for the best business ideas of innovative companies in growth or start-ups.

The most important results for the economic region Hartberg will be:

  • Findings regarding the pilot implementation of modular value-added services.
  • Settlement of innovative companies in growth or start-ups, respectively
  • Increase of the competitive strength of the addressed target groups
  • Strengthening of inter-municipal cooperation
  • Acquisition of a supra-regional awareness of the economic region Hartberg as an innovation and start-up scene


Project partner

  • Stadtwerke Hartberg Verwaltungs Gesellschaft m.b.H.