Project description

For the industrial city of Kapfenberg, the achievement of climate neutrality is challenging and at the same time necessary. The industry in Kapfenberg is responsible for about 90% of the demand for electricity and gas. This leads to greenhouse gas emissions of approx. 13.9 tons of CO2 equivalent per inhabitant (for comparison: Vienna 3.6 tons; Austria 8.2 tons) and underscores the city's dependence on external and so far mostly fossil energy sources. The city's efforts to achieve climate neutrality can only succeed if there is also a strong focus on energy efficiency and the substitution of fossil process energy in the industrial sector.

In this project, a vision for the climate neutrality of Kapfenberg will be developed as well as a concept for achieving this vision with the greatest possible use of synergies between the city and its industry.

The necessary interfaces and processes within the city administration will be defined and a stakeholder process with active involvement of the citizens will be initiated.

Likewise 3 concrete, first measures on the way on the way to climate neutrality.


Project partner

  • Stadtgemeinde Kapfenberg
  • Stadtwerke Kapfenberg GmbH