Project description

The climate change adaptation model region (KLAR) Graz-Umgebung Nord is located about 15 km north of the provincial capital Graz and is formed by the communities Deutschfeistritz, Frohnleiten, Peggau, Übelbach and Semriach.

In a concept phase, 10 measures were developed to adapt the region and reduce the impact of climate change in the areas of forestry, open and green spaces, health, water supply & water management, and nature conservation & biodiversity.

In the current implementation phase of the project, the topic of awareness-raising is being promoted. To inform and raise awareness among the population, a “shop window” was installed at the KLAR! Office in Deutschfeistritz, which continuously reports on activities in the region. Numerous workshops, lectures and activities will contribute in all addressed areas  to maintain or increase the liveability of the population in the region.


Project partner

  • Municipality Deutschfeistritz
  • Municipality Frohnleiten
  • Municipality Peggau
  • Municipality Übelbach
  • Municipality Semriach
  • Gemeinde Großstübing Orts- und Infrastrukturentwicklungs KG