Project description

The city of Feldbach is striving for climate neutrality. This requires detailed planning, integration into the municipal administration and determined implementation of measures.

Feldbach has the best prerequisites to be a model city in Austria on the way to climate neutrality. It is part of the KEM and KLAR! Mittleres Raabtal as well as the KEM Bioeconomy and Circular Economy and as a member municipality of the “Steirischen Vulkanlandes” committed to the "Energy Vision Steirisches Vulkanland 2025".

The overall goal is to prepare the city of Feldbach strategically for achieving climate neutrality on the basis of measures and by building up the necessary capacities. From the current perspective, the topics of space heating and domestic hot water, electrical energy, environmentally friendly mobility, drinking water, recycling of materials and green space design are those with the greatest significance in the city. Across all topics, the integration of processes into municipal administration is essential.

The result of the project will be a vision for climate neutrality, which includes the following aspects:

  • A strategy for the realization of the vision, which defines necessary measures, processes, structures and interfaces within the municipal administration for the path to climate neutrality 2040.
  • An implementation plan that identifies municipal options for action and financing and describes initial implementation projects.
  • The conception of the necessary stakeholder processes in the municipality with the active involvement of the population.
  • The conception of the knowledge exchange with other cities in the context of the mission "Climate Neutral City".


Project partner

  • LEA GmbH
  • Stadtgemeinde Feldbach