Project description

With Local Energy Communities (LEC) it is possible for prosumers to use the on-site public electricity grid to exchange electricity and to control consumption with a view to optimizing local self-consumption.

The LEC-Modelle project aims to identify and evaluate new business models in the context of energy communities.

Energy communities address very different actors. In order to capture the perspectives of “external interlocutors” (= potential LEC members) in addition to the stakeholders' points of view, the project pursues an open innovation approach. This enables acceptance-creating measures to be identified and results that can be multiplied to be achieved.

At the end of the project, several evaluated business models will be available that were developed as part of an open innovation approach. By bringing together stakeholders as well as technology and service providers, a network is created in the field of local energy communities.


Project partner

  • GeiAir e.U.
  • Mag. Bertram SCHNEEBERGER (Rechtsanwalt)
  • Reiterer & Scherling GmbH
  • Venios GmbH
  • Stadtwerke Hartberg Verwaltungs Ges.m.b.H.