Project description

The ÖkoMobilfunk project dealt with the greening of cell phone stations by using decentralized, renewable energy technologies (photovoltaic and small wind power) in combination with an intelligent energy and storage management system and the conception of a related planning tool.

Following extensive research into technologies and framework conditions, an intelligent management system was developed, and work was carried out on optimizing energy storage. Laboratory tests were also carried out for this.

As part of a test phase, three cell phone stations were "greened" using different technology combinations in cooperation with two mobile network operators. In the course of this, innovative PV mounting systems were also tested, which enable the retrofitting of PV modules to tubular lattice masts.

Based on the knowledge of the technologies and the framework conditions as well as the results of the test phase, an innovative planning process was developed that ensures optimal energy supply solutions for a wide variety of cell phone stations (mast geometry, orientation, consumption).

The ÖkoMobilfunk project has shown that it is possible to implement photovoltaic and small wind turbines in combination with an intelligent management system on cell phone stations.


Project partner

  • Ingenieurbüro Schneemann
  • FH JOANNEUM GmbH, Elektronik und Technologiemanagement
  • Universität Wien, Institut für Physikalische Chemie