Project description

The R2EC project aims to develop a scalable system for decentralized, interacting energy cells that maximizes the use of renewable energy at local and regional level through an intelligent interaction of generation, storage and consumption and optimizes interactions with other energy cells. In addition, system resilience and market participation through aggregation and blockchain use are examined.

Energy cells in Austria, Belgium and Norway are considered. This takes into account the framework conditions of different countries and climate zones.

An implementation concept is developed with the help of a simulation model. The hardware and software required for the system will be further developed.

The results of R2EC are the implementation and testing of the entire system in a laboratory environment as well as testing of individual system components (such as measuring and monitoring devices) in the test regions.


Project partner

  • FH Technikum Wien
  • WYNERGY e.U.
  • EffiCent Energieeffizienz Dienstleistungen GmbH
  • EVN AG
  • TPPV Austrian Photovoltaic technology Platform
  • NORCE - Norwegian Research Centre AS
  • Z Energi AS
  • Becquerel Institute - Icares Consulting SPRL
  • GreenWatch S.A.