Project description

Due to the intermittent generation characteristics of PV and wind power plants as well as the seasonal dependency of hydropower power plants, there will increasingly be phases of energetic overproduction or shortage in the future energy system.

In order to further increase the share of renewable energies in power generation, the use of storage technologies must take into account all time horizons.

In Burgenland, 150 % of the electrical energy consumed is generated by the region itself. In addition, there is further expansion potential for wind power plants, which further increase the balance surplus. There are constantly changing phases of overproduction and shortage, and in the future there will be considerable seasonal surpluses in summer and shortfalls in winter. Additional seasonal storage technologies will be needed to provide the necessary seasonal flexibility.

The project S24RES explores possibilities of different technologies for the use as seasonal electricity storage (including sector coupling options). On the one hand, the exploration is based on the current energy-economic, regulatory and legal framework conditions (with a focus on Eastern Austria and Burgenland). On the other hand, it will be worked out how these framework conditions have to be designed in order to enable the implementation and operation of seasonal energy storage systems.

The project content is developed with the involvement of external experts, decision-makers and other stakeholders. A techno-economic modeling ensures quantifiable results.

Finally, a requirements analysis for a subsequently planned demonstration project is prepared.


Project partner

  • Forschung Burgenland GmbH
  • Technische Universität Wien
  • Reiterer & Scherling GmbH