Project description

The SEED project is an R&D contract from the Climate and Energy Fund.

Based on specific use cases in energy communities, in addition to basic technical solution options and standards, appropriate examples (best practices) relevant to energy communities from other sectors are collected and their applicability and transfer potential in the European and national regulatory context are discussed. Aspects of data protection and requirements of the European digitization framework are also dealt with.

The identified technical solution approaches are evaluated using a criteria catalog. The project formulates appropriate conclusions and recommendations regarding technical possibilities and necessary regulatory adjustments for different types of energy communities in Austria.

Project results:

  • A catalog of technological elements of high relevance to energy communities
  • A set of recommendations for the implementation of energy communities
  • Formulation of the need for regulatory adjustments

The Climate and Energy Fund is provided with essential information that is relevant for the design of the regulatory framework. Furthermore, the results offer support to the actors involved in the implementation of energy communities.


Project partner

  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH