Project description

The municipality of Feldbach, as well as many other municipalities and housing associations, as owners of social housing, faces a number of challenges when it comes to renovating these buildings. A balance needs to be struck between the level of improvement needed and the possible funding.

For renovation measures in social housing, low-cost approaches must be chosen that are not limited to the building itself, but also include the requirements and needs of the residents and the owners.

Renovation concepts for selected buildings were drawn up, taking into account the scientific, technical and economic factors. Based on this, a matrix was developed for the buildings owned by the municipality of Feldbach, which shows cost-effective measures for resource-saving improvement options for the buildings themselves, but also for their immediate surroundings (mobility and leisure activities). This matrix of measures forms the basis for subsequent demonstration projects.

Another result of the project is the establishment of a communication and participation process for the residents of the social housing.


Project partner

  • Stadtgemeinde Feldbach
  • LEA GmbH
  • Ingenieurbüro DI Johann Rauer
  • Florian Lugitsch KG
  • Andrea Jeindl
  • Wasserverband Wasserversorgung Grenzland Südost
  • NATAN - Ingenieurbüro für Verfahrenstechnik Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christian Krotscheck