Project description

The IC train station Weststeiermark will connect the Deutschlandsberg district with the central areas of Graz, Vienna and Klagenfurt after the Koralm Railway is completed in the early 2020s. With around 3,000 passengers a day, it can be assumed that the new traffic junction will become the focal point of a new district that will provide new living space for around 10,000 residents between the new train station and the district capital of Deutschlandsberg, 6 km away. The SSCD project area includes the communities Deutschlandsberg and Frauental / Laßnitz, as well as parts of Groß Sankt Florian and Unterbergla.

Based on studies and completed and ongoing projects, the optimal solutions for energy supply, transport and social and economic development etc. were identified for the region. A common vision and roadmap for the vision for 2020 and 2050 were created and measures were developed to achieve the goals defined in the vision and roadmap.

The interdisciplinary actors involved worked in groups on modules with specific thematic focal points (transport, energy, spatial planning and buildings, social aspects, etc.). The results of the working groups were merged into a common vision with concrete, feasible and sustainable lighthouse projects.


Project partner

  • Verein Energieregion Schilcherland
  • Stadtgemeinde Deutschlandsberg
  • Im-plan-tat/Reinberg und Partner OG
  • Dr. Wolfgang Arnold Horn – Eco Management and Consultancy
  • Energy Changes Projektentwicklung GmbH
  • Verein zur Förderung der Energieeffizienz