Project description

In the municipality of Mürzzuschlag, the planned integration of large-scale PV plants encounters the problem that the grid operator does not support a transport of the electricity via the existing 110 kV line at peak times. Flexibility solutions are needed that allow feed-in even at low grid levels.

In the project “Storage Cascade MZ”, battery storage systems are implemented on different grid levels, whose measurement data enable integrated grid monitoring. This will create the basis for a future flexibility system that will allow to install and operate additional photovoltaic systems.

The resulting storage cascade should also ensure an emergency power supply for at least 3 days and enable at least 4 economically usable energy services. The storage-integrated grid monitoring will require 50% less metering infrastructure due to the dual use.

Expected results:

  • Monitoring based on installations at end-user sites
  • Embedding of battery storage systems in an integrated operation
  • Knowledge increase regarding grid operation including monitoring of distribution and low-voltage grids
  • New services and business models
  • New control and optimization strategies
  • Application of new flexibilities
  • New application area for storage technologies
  • Emergency power supply via storage cascade


Project partner

  • Stadtwerke Mürzzuschlag GmbH
  • BlueSky Energy GmbH
  • Wasserverband Mürzverband
  • Venios GmbH