Project description

The Styrian community structural reform in 2015 brought the two communities Weiz and Krottendorf together. This created both additional challenges and new options for the new, larger city of Weiz. This also applies to spatial planning as a classic instrument of urban development. A methodological addition was developed within the framework of SynENERGIE.

Project goals were the development of a new system design for energetically optimized city quarters as well as the development of a related concept that can be applied as a method to other cities.

The result is the SynENERGIE concept, validated on the basis of test areas in the city of Weiz, which enables future urban development to take the following aspects (more) into account:

  • Objective from the city's point of view
  • Spatial planning and building culture
  • Interests / needs of stakeholders
  • District analysis based on relevant aspects

In addition, the innovative structure of the concept with checklists and decision trees ensures that it can be used in practice.

Darüber hinaus sorgt der innovative Aufbau des Konzeptes mit Checklisten und Entscheidungsbäumen für eine praxistaugliche Anwendbarkeit.


Project partner

  • Weizer Energie- Innovations- Zentrum GmbH
  • Stadtgemeinde Weiz
  • Fernwärme Weiz GmbH
  • Gemeinnützige Siedlungsgesellschaft ELIN GmbH
  • Kaltenegger und Partner Architekten ZT GmbH
  • Ingenieurbüro DI Johann Rauer

  • Technisches Büro für Raumplanung Kampus