Project description

The WEIZconnected project provides comprehensive insights into the legal, technical and economic requirements and framework conditions for the cross-building electricity exchange between two buildings. It should be noted that the framework conditions taken into account in this project refer to the legal situation in 2017!

On the basis of the legal requirements that have been drawn up, it has been found that the power supply across buildings is only possible with a direct line. Another essential finding is the definition of the technical implementation requirements for the implementation of a direct line between two buildings.

The energy management and monitoring system developed in the project was able to meet the expectations placed on it in test operation. In addition, the functionality of the developed switching and control strategy was underpinned by the results of the voltage measurements carried out by the network operator.

The operation of the pilot systems has shown that the use of the WEIZconnected solution can significantly increase the degree of self-use of the installed PV systems. With regard to economic efficiency, it should be noted that this is largely determined by the prevailing technical framework conditions and the amount of PV electricity available.

Due to the interest of other municipalities and businesses, the project partners were and are striving to further disseminate the tried and tested solution. This could include can be achieved with the implementation of the follow-up project SoWeiTconnected.



Project partner

  • W.E.I.Z Immobilien GmbH
  • Stadtgemeinde Weiz
  • Fernwärme Weiz GmbH
  • Energie Steiermark AG
  • EOS Power Solutions GmbH
  • Gemeinnützige Siedlungsgesellschaft ELIN GmbH
  • Fb Green Energy GmbH