Project description

The transition to renewable energy systems is crucial to decarbonizing society and ensuring economic stability and resilience. In order to have stable energy networks, it is necessary to achieve a temporal and spatial balance in production and consumption. In this regard, decentralization, decarbonization, electrification, digitalization, storage/flexibility use and energy efficiency are important trends.

The active participation of motivated end consumers in the energy market often fails due to the availability of centralized data. The availability of usable data is crucial - without it, progress will be hindered.

The aim of the USEFLEDS project is to create the basis for an open data exchange that offers incentives for various actors to integrate data and information with little technical effort and enables transparent remuneration. By linking and processing the different information, new services in the energy sector are made possible and cross-sector flexibilities are released. Overall, shared data sharing will help accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system and improve the efficiency and reliability of energy supply.



Project partner

  • Forschung Burgenland GmbH
  • Advoodle GmbH
  • CAMPUS 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft GmbH
  • Energy Services Handels- und Dienstleistungs G.m.b.H.
  • KELAG-Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft
  • nexyo GmbH
  • onlim GmbH
  • Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation
  • Salzburg Netz GmbH
  • Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
  • SCHEIBER Solutions GmbH
  • Steger Alexander
  • Technische Universität Wien Institute of Computer Engineering
  • Verein zur Förderung der selbstständigen Nutzung von Daten