Description of the project

The limitation of green electricity subsidies for wind power plants means that Energie Burgenland AG has to operate more and more plants that are no longer subsidized. Despite the discontinuation of subsidies, the operator wants to continue investing in wind power as an energy resource. However, new ways must be found to deal with the changed framework conditions.

For "Wind Marketing", intensive research was carried out into new approaches and solutions with regard to future business models for the marketing of wind power generation after the end of funding. New areas of application for wind power generation were defined and potential business models identified. In order to underpin this innovation process with facts and figures, the technical, economic and legal framework conditions were collected and the business models developed in the form of simulation models. This made it possible to evaluate and rank the individual business models and identify those that are best suited for implementation.

It has been shown that with the current state of the art, solutions that directly involve customers or solutions in the field of sector coupling of electricity and heat are to be preferred.

The “Heat Storage Pooling” project was developed as a follow-up project, which deals with the topic of sector coupling and was carried out as part of the “Green Energy Lab” flagship region.