Project description

AGRO-SOFC aimed to reduce energy consumption in greenhouses through load shifting and sector coupling using solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and smart control strategies. As part of the project a highly efficient and ecological system was developed and demonstrated, which connects the agricultural industry as a “need owner” with SOFC technology.

The SOFC system enables the generation of electricity, and the waste heat is used to heat the greenhouse. Such a system can include run on renewable hydrogen and biogas (common in the agricultural industry). The load shift and the sector coupling must not have a negative impact on the operation or the process if these effects cannot be compensated. The intelligent operating strategy of the SOFC enables energy-efficient and low-degradation operation. First, the optimum operating conditions were determined in the laboratory, followed by tests with a pilot plant.

The end consumers also benefit from the reduction in energy demand since the energy demand has a significant impact on the production costs of the greenhouse products.


Project partner

  • Institute of Thermal Engineering, Graz University of Technology
  • Reiterer & Scherling GmbH
  • Inkoa Sistemas S.L