Project description

With the Erneuerbaren-Ausbau-Gesetz (EAG) passed in July 2021, Austria has set itself the goal of covering 100% of its total electricity consumption from renewable energy sources from 2030 onwards. In this respect, wind power is one of the key technologies for climate-neutral power generation.

However, the impact of climate change on wind and the consequences for wind power generation cannot yet be assessed because climate monitoring datasets with high temporal and spatial resolution are not available for wind speeds and wind components. To better understand the future wind energy system and to better plan and operate wind farms, significant amounts of wind data need to be made available and analyzed.

The AI4Wind project is intended to make the following contribution:

  • Spatially and temporally high-resolution wind speed analyses of the last 30 years using AI methods
  • Higher resolution of the climate scenario using new finer wind analysis
  • Method for processing wind speed time series from low resolution (3h) to high resolution (15 min))
  • Alternatives to the use of power curves for better simulation of wind power capacities
  • ML-based wind farm models
  • Planning tools for wind farm operators


Project partner

  • GeoSphere Austria (former Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik – ZAMG)
  • Energie Burgenland Green Energy GmbH
  • Energie Steiermark Green Power GmbH
  • WEB Windenergie