Project description

Increasing digitization and the associated availability of data enable efficiency improvements in the electric power system. However, the design of some electricity market processes and the allocation of some services to certain players mean that some of the potential for efficiency gains cannot currently be exploited.

For example, smart meter data that are not available until the following day are sufficient for planning strategic measures, but they are not suitable for operational measures (load management).

Also, to be discussed is the handling of citizen energy communities, which is not done by the grid operators.

The Future Services project is re-evaluating the role of the energy service provider and exploring the possibilities of new services in terms of their contribution to increasing the efficiency of the energy system. The following methods are being used:

  • Validation of a provision of services by energy service providers that are currently assigned to other actors of the electricity market model.
  • Validation of the possibility to integrate near-real-time data into the processes of the electricity market model.
  • Definition of services based on the use of "near-real-time" data and analysis of their impact on the established processes of the electricity market model.
  • Development of recommendations for action for legislators, regulatory authorities and established players in the electricity market model


Project partner

  • Energy Services Handels- und Dienstleistungs G.m.b.H.