Project description

Heavy-duty transport is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the Alps and also causes air pollution and noise. Green hydrogen (H2) represents a promising decarbonization path for this sector. However, to realize the full potential of green H2, authorities and stakeholders lack

(a) Policy expertise and proven solutions to facilitate large-scale deployment,

(b) resources to coordinate isolated initiatives and build critical mass; and

(c) capacity to synergize with businesses to reduce costs and ensure ecosystem sustainability.

For this reason, the 11 partners involved in the H2MA project aim to coordinate and accelerate the transnational deployment of a green hydrogen mobility infrastructure in the Alpine Space in order to reduce CO2 emissions and promote the transition to low-carbon transport. Through the joint development of cooperation mechanisms, strategies, tools and resources, the project will increase the capacity of local authorities and relevant stakeholders to jointly plan and test zero-emission hydrogen routes in the Alps.

H2MA seeks to enhance the capabilities of partners and target groups to:

1. advance the coordination of territorial H2 deployment plans for heavy-duty transport (transnational and urban) to promote an integrated approach to supply and distribution planning and build critical mass for further business development.

2. facilitate the design of measures to link H2 production for mobility with renewable energies, as well as the planning of transalpine zero-emission routes.

3. to elaborate proposals for the harmonization of H2 alpine strategies for green mobility, in order to improve the existing policy framework and to release green funding.