Project description

The region consists of 5 municipalities and is located in the northwest of Burgenland at the foot of the Leithaberg. All municipalities have already been part of KEM Leithaland since 2012 and have since been dealing with climate protection and energy efficiency. Climate change adaptation is the second pillar of a sustainable climate policy. Thus, as a KLAR! region, even under changed climatic conditions, is able to remain fit for the future and prepare for the inevitable consequences, or even make use of the resulting opportunities.

Predominantly impacts affected by heat and dryness

Studies on Burgenland predict temperature increases in combination with a significant decrease in precipitation intensity and frequency. Particularly in the area of ​​the KLAR region, far-reaching effects (for example significant increase in cooling degree days) are expected by the end of 2050. Due to the proximity to the big cities and the associated influx or the possibility of use as a recreational area due to milder climatic conditions (especially in summer) additional challenges and opportunities are given.

Project objectives:

• Awareness raising in the population through various activities with a broad impact

• Knowledge transfer and know-how extension of the KLAR! population

• Climate change adaptation in all relevant areas to prepare the region for extensive changes

• Establishment of the region as a climate-adapted local recreational area


Project partner

  • Municipality Hornstein
  • Municipality Neufeld an der Leitha
  • Municipality Steinbrunn
  • Municipality Wimpassing
  • Municipality Zillingtal (Host Organisation)
  • Scientific support by Forschung Burgenlnd and 4wardEnergy Research GmbH