Project description

The project ProLight investigates in six neighbourhoods in Austria, Finland, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal on how to bring together both innovative retrofitting technologies, new sustainable business models and the participation of local citizens. The individual districts have different approaches and will work with community managers, develop digital apps or adapt other participatory activities to improve the energy literacy of its inhabitants. The different sites will share their experiences and inspire each other, so that eventually also other districts and cities will be able to learn and benefit from the outcomes of this research.

The goal of ProLight is to investigate how we can accelerate the implementation of these remodelling measures while ensuring that all relevant socio-economic, environmental and cultural aspects are considered along the way. With this innovative approach, the project hopes to increase the percentage of renewable energy consumed in the housing sector as well as to reduce energy consumption per capita, expecting to save up to 190 GWh annually.



Project partner

  • Fachhochschule Technikum Wien (Lead)
  • ADEPORTO - Agenica de Energie do Porto
  • Cluster Viooikonomiias kai Perivallontos Dytikis Makedonia
  • CNET - Centre for new Energy Technologies SA 
  • Gernika-Lumo Kultur Etxea Fundazioa                                      
  • Asociacion de Industrias de Conocimiento 
  • TECNOLOGIA - GAIA - Euskalherriko Ezagutza Eta
  • TEKNOLOGIA Industrien Elkartea
  • ICARES Consulting                                                        
  • TechForce Innovations BV     
  •  VAASAN   Yliopisto                                    
  • ACCADEMIA EUROPEA DI BOLZANO                                        
  • DIMOS KOZANIS                                                                       
  • Vaasan opiskelija-asuntosäätiö sr             
  • European Science Communication Institute (ESCI)