Project description

The project “REC-Businesspark” aims to develop a conceptual design of a zero-emission or rather a plus-energy business park in the municipality of Weiz. The flagship project for innovative and environmentally friendly business parks is to be built on an area of 48,000 m². All buildings should contribute to a climate neutral annual energy balance - no CO2 emissions and 100 % self-sufficiency.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, REC-Businesspark aims to implement the first Austrian renewable energy community (REC) in a business and industrial park. Photovoltaics, a fuel cell and an intelligent control system will also play an important role.

While the current discussion regarding REC mainly relates to their implementation in existing structures, REC-Businesspark is dedicated to the development of a business park, whose energy supply is specifically optimized for a REC.

A possible extension of the REC to surrounding consumers (mainly private households) should lead to a regional additional benefit.


Project partner

  • Weizer Energie- Innovationszentrum GmbH
  • Reiterer & Scherling GmbH