Project description

Urban regions with an above-average number of industrial and commercial enterprises - such as Frohnleiten - are focal points for resource consumption and emissions. Establishing a smart city in such a region is a big step towards sustainability and resource conservation.

The overarching goal of the project was to develop measures for the areas of energy and mobility that would lead to an increase in the attractiveness of the location for industry and the quality of life for the residents of Frohnleiten.

The immediate results of this exploration are:

  • Extensive knowledge of the initial situation
  • Knowledge of the requirements of the stakeholders
  • Evaluated ideas for implementation projects

Another central result is the “Smart City model” for Frohnleiten, which communicates the term Smart City and the associated projects in a simple and understandable way, especially to the population of Frohnleiten. The mission statement is based on the key issues of mobility, energy and location quality, contains the measures currently classified as particularly relevant and serves as an important guide for subsequent implementation.


Project partner

  • Urban municipality Frohnleiten
  • Gemeindebetriebe Frohnleiten GmbH
  • Stadtgemeinde Frohnleiten KG
  • ISTmobil GmbH
  • Pusch & Schinnerl GmbH
  • Mayr-Melnhof Karton Gesellschaft m.b.H.
  • MM Ökoressourcen GmbH
  • Krankenhaus Theresienhof GmbH & Co KG
  • Interdisziplinäres Forschungszentrum für Technik, Arbeit und Kultur
  • Komptech GmbH