Project description

So far, only the connection between two buildings has been tested for the cross-building power exchange via direct lines. The integration of more than two buildings leads to new challenges.

In SoWeiT-connected - building on the findings from the WEIZconnected project - the on-site use of electricity from PV systems with direct lines for a network of several buildings is implemented. The system enables the optimization of the self-consumption of locally generated renewable energy as well as a common emergency power supply in the event of a failure of the public power supply. The requirements of the stakeholders are taken into account by means of co-creation processes. All components and business models are tested and validated using a demonstrator.

The results of the project are simulation models for the design and mapping of the system components, a demonstrator for the joint use of PV via direct lines, business models and billing systems taking into account the requirements of the users as well as statements regarding the system's multipliability.


Project partner

  • Municipality of Thannhausen
  • EOS Power Solutions GmbH
  • Weizer Energie- Innovations- Zentrum GmbH
  • Energienetze Steiermark GmbH