Project description

Achieving the climate protection targets for 100% green electricity requires strong and resilient distribution grids. However, these are at their capacity limits in rural regions, which inhibits the expansion of renewables. The expansion of photovoltaics in rural areas has a significant regional value creation potential. In terms of this challenge, power grid operators need support from the respective regions as drivers of PV expansion. A proactive and cooperative approach must be taken to mitigate the worsening grid situation.

Conventional power grid expansion (reinforcing power lines) is the most expensive and resource-intensive option. Economically feasible solutions are needed to significantly delay massive power grid expansion or reduce its necessity. One possibility for this is battery storage systems that serve several purposes (grid relief, self-consumption optimization, blackout supply, etc.). Innovative operating models are necessary for optimal operation of the storage system (economic, grid-serving, etc.).

The project includes the following contents:

  • Exploration regarding the construction and operation of centralized large-scale storage facilities in the Joglland region
  • Definition of technical parameters of the storage systems (performance, capacity, technology)
  • Development of financing options, business and operation models
  • Preparation and initiation of implementation projects


Project partner

  • LAG Kraftspendedörfer Joglland
  • Energienetze Steiermark GmbH
  • Feistritzwerke-STEWEAG-GmbH